Bath Salts (USDA Organic)

Bath Salts | Bath Soak | Salt Bath Soak | Our premium USDA Certified organic bath salts will detoxify your body freeing it of impurities and leaving you feeling carefree and relaxed. Our salts are designed to release the tensions from your mind and body to give you the de-stressing bathing experience that you deserve.

Bath Salts | Bath Soak

Bath salts are crystallized substances that dissolve in bath water. They are usually created and heated by natural hot springs. Bathing in these hot springs introduces your body to nutrients and minerals that can also help keep your skin healthy, and help with joint pain. The heat of the spring can help alleviate (not cure) stiffness and aches. It’s a natural way of pain relief.

Bath salts help clean and remove impurities of the skin, while leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and regenerated. They contain minerals and nutrients that aid in creating that smooth, fresh feeling. When selecting salts, look for ones that don’t contain unnatural preservatives or chemicals.  Look for labels that read organic or have the USDA logo on it. Also, do your research. Don’t bathe with them unless you know what’s in it. Our bath soaks contain premium sea salts and certified organic oils and  organic powders.

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