Who We Are

Our Mission:

  • Endow our customers with healthy body and skin care products that are pure and luxurious.
  • Exclusively use the finest ingredients to ensure only premium products.
  • Enlighten all to the overall importance of healthy skin care and constantly educate them on the benefits of nourishing and maintaining the largest organ of their body – the skin.

 Our Principles:

  • Exemplify honesty and integrity in all facets of our business, our products and our practices.
  • Enrich and empower our community socially, economically and physically.
  • Engage others with information and resources that will positively affect their lives.
  • Encourage women and children through charitable giving. 


Who we are-

In a nut shell:

Three women who simply love skin care products and were convinced that all skin care should be: 1) uncompromising 2) healthy and 3) luxurious. 


The Whole Story:

All three of us were employed in very uneventful and highly technical jobs.  There came a time when we wanted to step outside of the box and create something meaningful. We longed for engagement in a company that would produce something to impact the lives of its customers and offer them something that was extremely luxurious.  We wanted to create something wonderful and pleasing to the senses that people could take advantage of in their everyday life.  There were two things that we all loved.  Food and skin care!  Food wouldn’t work since none of us can cook.  But we all loved skin care, all kinds of skin care: soaps, butters, lotions, scrubs, balms, everything!  So…skin care it was!

 As we ventured out on the journey to create skin care products which were uncompromising, healthy and luxurious, we took a year and a half to research the skin care market.  We tirelessly researched scents, consistencies, properties, and processes.  “How difficult could this really be?”  Our initial excitement quickly turned into dismay.  The more we researched the more we saw that skin care was not really what we thought it would/should be. We discovered that the ingredients listed on our favorite product labels read more like experiments gone wrong than something that you should put on your body.  As a result, the labels really made us question the products that we put on our skin and the skin of the people we love. We became more conscious of what we wanted in our products. Although all of us were somewhat health conscious, we were not your typical “organic consumers.”  We were more into the smell and feel of a product than its health factor. 

As mothers, daughters, sisters and aunties we were extremely bothered by the possible side effects that were connected to the chemicals in the products that we were using.  Realizing that we make the purchasing decisions for skin care products in our homes and that we are responsible for their use on our babies, daughters, sons, and husbands, we began to give more thought to the toxins therein. We understood the science and reasoning behind why preservatives and other chemicals were being used, however, we felt that there had to be a better way.

This led us to look into natural and organic soaps and other skin care products. We could easily read and understand these ingredients. We could also do research and find out about the soothing and healing properties that these ingredients provide.  We were sold! 

But there were still three main problems.  First, we spent a lot of time trying several organic products, but we never seemed to find the right combination of what we wanted.  If the product was luxurious, then it was not organic and if it was organic, then it wasn’t very luxurious.  This gave us the desire to create products that were both organic and luxurious.  Secondly, it was clear that organic materials were a lot more costly and a little harder to find.  This meant that our organic skin care brand would definitely require extra financial investments.  Thirdly, was the issue of shelf life and preservatives?  Do we use them or do we not?  Sure they would extend the life of our product, but maybe products that go on your skin shouldn’t be made to sit in your medicine cabinet or linen closet for multiple years.  Skin care products feed the skin just as food feeds the body.  Therefore everything that is supposed to be beneficial to your body should have a shelf life, including healthy skin products.    As a result of our findings, we were forced to answer the question “Is healthy skin care really worth the ‘extra’ it would take?”    We voted YES!  Hence, Earth’s Enrichments was born.

Here at Earth’s Enrichments, we create and offer organic body and skin care products that are healthy, environmentally friendly and that are suitable for all ages and skin types.  The ingredients that we use enrich, protect, and revive the natural condition and beauty of your skin. As we hand craft our skin care lines we want to ensure that we create the best products possible for our families and yours.

Please stay connected to us as we continue to develop our luxurious organic skin care products and share with you what we discover about healthy skin care.


Earth’s Enrichments

‘Enriched by Earth…Deserved by Everyone!’