What does United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Organic Certified mean?

The USDA Organic seal that our products carry verifies that they meet the top organic standards from beginning (ingredients and manufacturing) to end (packaging).  All of the organic ingredients that are used in our products are Certified Organic and they are also manufactured and packaged in Certified Organic facilities.  In carrying this seal, our body and skincare products meet the highest standard, as defined by the USDA, of possessing at least 95% organic ingredients.

How should I store the bar soaps that I have not used yet?

All unopened bar soaps should be stored in a cool dry place.  Room temperature below 70 degrees is suggested.

Why body bars?

We decided to make organic bars soaps our introductory product because we wanted to get in on the ‘ground level’ of your body and skincare routine.  We believe that the cleansing that you do during your daily bathing routine is the fundamental step to a rejuvenated body and healthier skin.

Do your products work as well as the ‘Traditional’ body and skincare products?

Our products are as effective and as efficient as ‘traditional products’. They are also more moisturizing than most traditional products, and offer a healthier choice for skincare.

How do I use organic soap?

Our bar soaps are made with organic ingredients which are very beneficial to your skin.  Therefore, our soaps should be applied directly to your skin and not lathered in a wash cloth or any other cleansing material.  To preserve your bar soap and enhance your bathing experience:

  1. Wet the soap and your skin
  2. Apply the soap directly to your skin in a circular motion until lather is created
  3. While the lather is on your skin, use a wash cloth or puff on your skin for extra cleansing
  4. When your bathing is completed, remove all the extra water from the bar soap and lay it where it can dry

Do your body bar soaps lather?

Our bar soaps provide you with the ultimate balance. They lather enough to provide you with an enjoyable experience while thoroughly cleansing your body. However, they will not strip your skin of its natural oils. For best lathering results, we recommend wetting your skin and the bar soap.  Then apply the soap directly to your skin in a circular motion.

How are your products made?

All of our products are handmade with the finest certified organic and natural ingredients. They are all hand packaged using recyclable materials and shipped with care.

How are your products packaged?

Our products are very environmentally friendly and so is our packaging. All body and skincare items are hand packaged using materials that are recyclable.  The USDA Organic seal that our products carry verifies that they meet the top organic standards from beginning to end (packaging).

Are there any allergic reactions associated with your products?

Our products are made using certified organic and natural ingredients. Therefore, unless you are allergic to the specific ingredients used in our products (i.e. coconut oil, almonds, seaweed, etc.) it is unlikely that you will have an allergic reaction. However, if you think that you may be allergy prone, we suggest that you use a tiny portion of our product on a small area of your skin as a precaution. If you have a negative reaction of any kind, please discontinue use.

Can your product be used on babies and children?

Since our products are made with certified organic and natural ingredients, they do not contain any chemicals or artificial ingredients that are harsh or harmful to babies or children. In fact, our body bars are a healthier alternative compared to most ‘traditional’ soaps. For babies and young children we recommend using our unscented and most basic body bar – Naturally Nude.

What size are your body bars?

Our bars are a 3x3x1 inch squaure which fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. The weight of our soap ranges from 4.0 oz/113 g to 4.5 oz/128 g depending on the added ingredients.

How do I preserve my soap?

To help your soap last longer, keep it dry between each use. This can be achieved by using a wooden soap dish or one which allows the water to drain off of your soap.

What is sodium hydroxide?

Sodium hydroxide is an ingredient commonly known as lye. It is a necessary element for the formation of every bar soap. Once the saponifying (soap making) process is completed and the soap is ready for use, no sodium hydroxide remains in the finished product.

What methods of payment do you accept on your website?

On our website we accept debit cards, all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) and PayPal.