Sugar Scrubs (USDA Organic)

Sugar Scrubs | Body Scrubs | Body Sugar Scrubs | Sugar Body Scrubs | Our USDA Certified organic sugar body scrubs are gentle but effective and will not strip your skin. They will exfoliate your dry and flaky skin and replenish it with moisture and hydration. These scrubs are great for your body and perfect for your feet.

Organic Sugar Scrubs

What are Sugar Body Scrubs and why use them?

Sugar body scrubs are a sweet and sensational way to exfoliate. They are cleansers equipped with sugar crystal that are designed to gently exfoliate the skin. Exfoliating is the process before bathing or rinsing that gets rid of all the dead skin. This helps to make your bathing experience a lot more efficient. Dead skin only inhibits the soap from doing its job properly and stops it from deep cleansing. Exfoliating helps remove this barrier of dead skin and allows your bathing experience to be more effective.

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