Body Balms (USDA Organic)

Body Balms | Body Butter | Shea Butter | Our premium USDA certified organic body balms have many great effects on the skin. It’s a means of moisturizing your skin without suffocating it. They also give your skin a natural glow and make it more vibrant.

Shea Body Butter Balm

What are Body Balms?

You do know the difference between lotions and body balms, right? Lotion, of course, moisturizes but it is not as thick or as creamy as a balm. Lotions are also made of oils and water while balms are much more dense and contain less water and more oil.

Why people use Body Balm?

One of body balm’s primary purposes is to moisturize skin effectively in a way that lotion cannot moisturize. The lotions you use may contain too much water and may not be giving your skin the level of moisturizing it needs.

Since body balms contain less water, they have enough of the proper oils to nourish the skin. When an individual applies lotion and it takes a good glob or handful of lotion to effectively nourish your skin, then a body balm may be what you need. It takes less than a big glob and can be used on the legs, face, arms, and feet.

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