Lip Balms (USDA Organic)

Lip Balms | Our premium USDA organic lip balms combine three organic oils that smooth, nourish and moisturize your lips. Treating your lips with care is the best thing to do in the harsh winter months and the warm summer months. Our lip balms will heal and protect your lips from dry air, cold temperatures and other harsh elements. Our flavors are not only good for your lips, but they are also good to your lips.

Lip Balms (USDA Organic)

We have narrowed down two main ingredients that we use in our lip balms that are sure to provide your lips with the nourishment they need. These ingredients are coconut oil and shea butter, which are well known for providing protection for your skin.  Shea butter and coconut oil are the perfect match when it comes to creating a fusion base for a lip balm.

Coconut oil is a moisturizer that does more than hydrate your skin; it helps repair dry and damaged skin. Peeling, flaking, or rashes can be healed with regular usage.

Shea butter is a natural moisturizer and it is great for soothing the skin, after the coconut oil regenerates and heals the skin, the shea butter maintains your lips silkiness and nourishes them.

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