Customers Testimonials

Bar Soaps

E. Beatty
“I’ve described the soaps as nothing short of brilliant.  I never thought I’d appreciate soaps as much as I do these organic bars.  There is a noticeable difference in how these organic bars feel on my  skin as compared to my old 20 bars-in-a-pack brand. All of the scents are great also.  My particular favorites are the Fresh Ground Java and the Lemon Fresh Shea. Also, I’ve sent the sugar scrubs to the ladies in my life as gifts and they really love them.

I live out in Seattle and I’ve been ordering these bars online for delivery for quite some time.  Right now, the African Black bar is on its way here and I’m looking forward to trying it for the first time.” 

M. Hughes
Lemon Fresh Shea My introduction to Earth’s Enrichment products came by way of an unexpected Christmas gift.  Upon opening the mailbox a beautiful fragrance greeted me.  To my delight it was Lemon Shea Fresh soap!!!  Generally accustomed to showering once daily, after my initial use, I began showering more often in order to enjoy the benefits of the natural ingredients, moisture content, rich lather, and lingering fresh scent.  My skin absolutely loved it, and I was hooked!  Originally meant to be used for special occasions only, this soap is now used daily as part of my basic hygiene regimen.  This is the only soap after using, that I can literally see and feel the moisture on my skin.  I even gifted some bars to a male friend who I must add is highly particular, and he could not stop singing its praises.  A customer since 2012, this soap has become a staple in my home.  Why not treat yourself today.”

Lavender of the Valley The fragrant aroma of Lavender of the Valley is reminiscent of the popular violet mint candy scent.  The fragrance of lavender lingering in the bathroom is refreshing and soothing.  This soap boasts of natural properties, skin-softening moisture, and rich lather, and delivers unequivocal results.  After using this soap, I can forego additional moisturizers without my skin drying out.  Also worth mentioning, are the buds of lavender found in the soap, which aid in the exfoliation process when used directly on the skin.  I absolutely love this soap!!!”

Sugar Scrubs

T. Lipscomb

Lemon Fresh Shea“I have fallen in love with the sugar scrubs you offer.  They are wonderful because they make my skin silky smooth.  I will use them as my last step in the shower washing and rinsing with my soap, I apply the sugar scrub before stepping out of the shower.  I could not believe how soft and smooth my skin felt after using the scrub.  I highly recommend this product.  I have share it with my sisters.” 

Lip Balms

M. Hughes

Lemongrass Mint“I love this lip balm!!!  I wear it alone or under my lip gloss to seal in the moisture and it keeps my lips soft and moisturized throughout the day.  Not to mention, Lemongrass Mint is my all-time favorite.”